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SW Tree Surgeons provides storm clean up services.

Preventing storm damage is always preferable to cleaning up afterward!

You cannot avoid natural disasters such as storms from causing damage to your trees, but you can reduce the risk.

It is preferable to hire a tree arborist ahead of time to conduct a thorough examination of your trees because this may reveal tree issues that make them more prone to breaking, falling over, or splitting unexpectedly.

That is why, tree pruning is the best way to protect your trees as well as your home. SW Tree Surgeons provides this service to ensure you and your family that when a storm strikes, you do not need to worry about the risk and the damage that your trees will give to you and to your home.

What should you look for in your trees before the storm strikes?

  • Tree branches that appear to be rotten should be removed. During severe weather, the branches will almost certainly fail, snap, or tear.
  • Large splits or cracks in your trees make them far more likely to blow over or fail during a storm. Consider removing them completely. Furthermore, root damage indicates that your tree may not survive a major storm.
  • When a storm occurs, trees near power lines pose a significant risk and can cause serious damage to your home and to your neighbours.
  • A tree that is not firmly rooted is more likely to fail during a storm.
No matter how well you prepare your trees for a storm, cleaning up debris afterward is sometimes necessary. You might be tempted to do the clean up yourself, but this can be a dangerous task. As a result, you should seek a professional tree doctor, especially if the clean up requires the use of a chainsaw or other potentially hazardous tools.

Most common clean up hazards

  • Electrical wires overhead or nearby pose a risk and limit tree cutting options. It is never a good idea for you to work near power lines.
  • Slopes and uneven footing surfaces pose a hazard when using a chain saw.

You should never attempt post storm tree work if it appears dangerous! It is always safer to hire a professional tree arborist to handle the post storm clean up for you. Please contact us if you notice anything that concerns you. Our tree doctor is trained to detect potential hazards posed by your trees. Before any major storms hit, we will be able to address these risks and take appropriate action, such as pruning or improving the health of your trees.

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