SW Tree Surgeons


Residential Pruning

SW Tree Surgeons offers Residential Pruning Services to assist you with your tree issues and will beautify the appearance of your properties. Residential pruning is one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe from tree damage.

Commercial Pruning

Commercial grounds maintenance and management can be a difficult task. A commercial tree pruning service by SW Tree Surgeon is one option for making your ground maintenance more manageable.

Stump Grinding

SW Tree Surgeons has been in the tree service business for many years and works with trees of all sizes, from full grown trunks to leftover stumps. They have been providing stump grinding and stump removal services to residential and commercial properties in the South West of Western Australia.

Hedge Trimming

SW Tree Surgeons offers hedge trimming services to ensure that your trees are trimmed and healthy.
This reduces the risk of damage to your property while also allowing your hedges to grow at a healthy rate and remain their shape.

Storm Ready- Storm Cleanup

SW Tree Surgeons provides this service to ensure you and your family that when a storm strikes, you do not need to worry about the risk and the damage that your trees will give to you and to your home.

Fire Hazard Reduction

SW Tree Surgeons are experts in fire hazard reduction and know exactly how to keep your residential and commercial property safe from fire.

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